Vita Global Week in South America

The purpose of the Vita Global Week in South America (hosted by UNCuyo in Mendoza and Buenos Aires) was to provide different meeting spaces, events and discussions targeted at :

  • Continued academic cooperation and training related to the implementation of the 6 Vita Global modules in viticulture and oenology. Vita Global partners participated in a conference on Wine, law and economics, which UNCuyo held, as a celebration of a new programme launched on this topic.
  • Organising local economic roundtables/dialogue with industry on the project themes and content, such as a meeting with the new ‘Wine District’ in Buenos Aires, which is a public/private project to promote the wine industry and wine tourism in Argentina.
  • Presenting and discussing the Vita Global White paper on modularization and internationalization of teaching and learning and debating its possible significance with teaching staff
  • Offering a space for IRO staff from the partner universities to further network and discuss spin-off collaborations

 In addition, the partners engaged in the module of sustainability and viticulture (module 3) held and on-site coaching activity the week after, to help prepare partner universities to teach this module, especially when it comes to plant technology and epigenetics.