Aims and objectives

General Objective:

To develop a global university network, connecting diverse geographic regions with limited pre-existing cooperation, in order to enhance study programmes that contribute to local development, specifically in food science and viniviticulture, foci these universities share.

Specific Objectives:

  • To consolidate a diverse international network of higher education institutions (HEIs) with a common interest to contribute to local development and a shared commitment to food science, viniviticulture and oenology, as a basis for academic cooperation and industry partnerships.

  • To build the capacity of HEIs to sharpen their impact on local development in the viniviticulture sector, via multi-lateral knowledge transfer and in conjunction with industry and other socio-economic partners.


  • To build capacity to develop joint programmes in agriculture, viniviticulture and oenology at the masters and doctoral level, so as to internationalise and integrate curricula, widen mobility opportunities for students and staff and ultimately internationalise the university contribution to local development.

The project creates a unique consortium that brings together universities from diverse and mostly non-urban regions in South America, Georgia, Europe and South Africa and allows these universities to map and compare their contribution, via teaching and research, to local development and local economies.

It embeds the development of joint study programmes in a specific discipline – viticulture (of relevance to all partners) – into wider staff training exercises, so as to foster deeper ‘North-South-emerging country’ strategic partnerships in higher education. It responds equally to Europe policy priorities for higher education internationalisation and regional development, as it does to partner country priorities for internationalizing and modernizing study programmes and generating local impact and local development in regions such as la Rioja and Salta, Argentina and the north of Chile, as well as Telavi Georgia.