MODULE 3: Sustainability and Viticulture

Coordinator: UBx/UPorto

Implementing partners: UNCuyo / SU / CPUT

This module is divided into 5 chapters:

Chapter 1: General aspect of grapevine plant and development, and introduction on the impact of climate changes on grapevine.

Chapter 2: Grape metabolism and molecular biology: grape berry metabolisms, tissues specificity etc.; ripening control in grape

Chapter 3: Integrative physiology of grapevine

Chapter 4: plant memory of stresses and implication for grapevine plant development and physiology

Chapter 5: general introduction to Omics and possible application to the study of grapevine


  • UNCuyo: A master’s degree in viticulture and enology is being reaccredited, and this module is being integrated into it.
  • CPUT: The original plan was to incorporate the module content into the new postgraduate diploma in agriculture during the 2022 academic year. But, owing to national accreditation processes and delays experienced, this qualification only received accreditation during 2022 for implementation in 2023.
  • Udelar: The module is to be offered as elective to postgraduate students. Plans to develop a bachelor’s degree in viticulture and viniculture.
  • SU: A short programme will be offered and the module will be the basis of a MOOC developed with UBx and UNCuyo.

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