ACE International Oenology and Cava Congress

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The third edition of the ACE International Oenology and Cava Congress will take place on 5th November 2021. 

This edition will focus on the theme Biomolecules and disruptive innovation in oenology.

The event integrates the XXXII ACE Congress and the XXXVIII International Cava Congress, merged in 2019, to jointly promote this new benchmark event for wine professionals, with the best experts in the latest scientific topics.

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About the Conferences

With an intense and demanding program, taught by the most qualified experts, the congress wants to place the center of oenological interest in biomolecules and innovation as disruptive factors of the next oenology.

The congress will begin with a theoretical-practical session that will introduce us to the use and processing of data for the sensory characterization of wine and its application in the winery . Along the same lines, we will know   tools with which to characterize the hydric status of the vineyard from meteorological and edaphic data . Regarding biomolecules, the role of the lees in the aging of cava and sparkling wines will be an excellent introduction to address, then the functionality of tannins, widely used as adjuvants and currently also used as additives, opening new perspectives of use.

Finally, the congress will address the study of biomolecules, such as fumaric acid , due to its qualities as microbiological inhibitors and, specifically, its ability to eliminate malolactic fermentation in sparkling wines .

An attractive and radical proposal launched with the purpose of providing already essential knowledge to oenology professionals, accelerating the digitization of the sector and disruptive innovation as new factors for optimizing the quality of its wines and cavas.